TexasPatriot.org is comprised of freedom loving
individuals drawn together to demonstrate their
appreciation and respect for service to America. As
a result of the organization's actions, a
long-lasting, positive memory will be created for
the hero to remember for the rest of his/her life.
Our military people (past or present) must know we
care about each one and value their service.

We would like to acknowledge our Country's Finest
"First Responders". Our Police Force and Fire
Fighters take care of our Homeland and all
Americans in disasters near and far. May God Bless
and Go with each of you.
We thank you.

The Name
Notice the name, TexasPatriot.org, is singular and does
not have an "s" on the word patriot. We chose the
singular because our purpose is to honor each person -
each one - for their individual service to America's
military. This group is not about the volunteer
members-it is about those we honor and respect-one
hero at a time. We must let our military (past or
present) and their families know we care.
The Texas Patriot Mission Statement

Showing support for all past & present military service members and first responders.