In December 2006, three motorcycle riding friends had just completed a mission with the Patriot Guard Riders
(PGR). The mission of the PGR is to show respect for the fallen and shield the families from interruptions. The
three were discussing how, with each mission, their pain was growing stronger from within as they felt the
sorrow with the families for the loss of their loved one. The three knew they had to stay involved but must find
additional ways to express their feelings for the veterans, the troops, and the families.

They decided to continue their membership in the PGR because it's a good and needed service to the families
but, also, to expand and reach out to individual service members, veterans, and their families. In doing so,
they could reach out to other organizations with similar missions and serve as volunteers. With or without
motorcycles, they were committed to letting our veterans and troops know "WE CARE".

To that end, the members of TexasPatriot.org have worked with both individuals and groups. A partial list of
organizations includes the SE Texas Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder, helpingahero.org, VFW's, HOG's,
Blue Knights, Toys for Tots, PGR, City of Katy, City of Angleton, City of Alvin, City of Nassau Bay, and the list
goes on. In support, other groups have joined with Texas Patriot riders in its missions.

If you would like the Texas Patriot.org to contact you regarding
services you may need, or if your company is interested in
sponsoring the Texas Patriot.org, please go to our contact page &
email our organizers. They will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Showing support for all past & present military service members and first responders.